When the dust settles, it can be very unsettling and leave you with very unsettling questions why would your closest friend think it's okay to ask for sexual favours why would your childhood friend think it's wise to alienate you from her life, what kind of a most monstrous toxic person you must have been¬† … Continue reading Unsettling

saturday night

one of those happy high days I want to mark this day as the happy high day when after, I came back from a dinner - (bunch- of- fun - gals- dinner- party) followed by some dancing (shots were involved) to super fun solo home alone dance in your bare minimal essentials with fairy lights … Continue reading saturday night

funny or tragic

Ever since I became self aware of this dormant emotion resting in me which some might call- being human/empathetic/sensitive/considerate?! ; I find it difficult to laugh at people, events, circumstances,their Instagram feeds. Funny isn't funny anymore once you know why they do, what they do. I am telling you, this heightened awakening is funnily tragic. … Continue reading funny or tragic

overwhelmed would be an understatement

I have insane (more than three worrisome things qualify for insane) amount of things going on. Some for real, some in my head. College, exams, submissions, flat mates, people, family, friends, boyfriend - instances from each and all. But surprisingly I am not anxious. I am almost calm. Letting things be. Come and go as … Continue reading overwhelmed would be an understatement