Quirky Thoughts

I have a confession to make. Now being single is not that easy, specially when it has been an eternity. You want love, just not the love which is creeply crawling through the Instagram doors.  You think it’s about time to go out there, give your zenith emotions, bask in the glory, play in the soil, get soaked , rejoice, tweet, chirp , clutter (still talking about love). But come on now, does it even matter that you are ready. I am not even looking for a right guy, and where is this corner? So much for “the right guy is just around the corner”.

And then you see your best friend sailing and also trying to rock the same boat. It becomes endurable. Having to see your favourite person go through the same set of  thought processes makes you believe you weren’t just being hormonal.

Ah here is the fun. We in our solo kingdom of Singledom, (not sailing towards doom, no no). Looking at other people’s first relationships and wishing to have a first one again. That’s like wishing for three more wishes from the three wishes given by some (very important) Genie.

When you know someone for ten years, you tend to get them better than yourself! Analysing what went wrong or what was the only right, cracking up at each others failed relationships, brilliantly. Some might call it dark humor. Mocking the lost love ; but the only thing dark about it, is the dark movie theatre where only movies should be watched. Yes. Thankyou.

Women, or men around the world have such few wants and needs (joking, obviously). Few friends to hang around who pay for your beer always, a lover who has time for you, makes time for you, a partner (would be great if he is also the lover), couple or bunch (based on your economic status or the country you live in) of adorable kids, a farmhouse , a house in the hills, a shack by the beach, a secure pensions’ account. Such simple wishes.

What do me and my friend need at this moment? Yes, you got it! A beer and a lover. He doesn’t even have to be ‘The Lover’. Just good enough to love you back. We are smart women and having understood that there are no perfect men or right guy or some prince charming. He can be just as quirky as you and love you the most.

If he is ready to sail with you in your crammed boat of musings and willingly shares the beer with your maddening friend who chooses dogs over kids. Don’t just settle for him. Glide with him!

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

From the archives, over the years.

16 thoughts on “Quirky Thoughts

  1. Ah such an engulfing post …I really admire the quirky honesty in it
    ‘..a house in the hills, a shack by the beach, a secure pensions account..’ perfect..I need to find a genie too …recommend me if u find one haha…..
    Hopefully U get all u desire this year ….and I love those snaps 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True in every sense……wishes are endless like life is stimulus.
    I dunno wat reminds me of a Selena Gomez’s song here, ‘but the heart wants what it wants’…may u get girl what u want ……….n its always a pleasure reading ur stuff………Stay happy 🙂


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