Sins of winterfell

The title is the Game of Thrones reference. I think explaining that makes me less cool. So, this vacation in Delhi over the winters was mostly about food. I baked a lot. Ate a lot.

I won’t call myself a food lover or a foodie or a chef because that will be a discredit to passionate people of this kind.

Calories, carbs, pounds and after many such moments on the lips which will stay forever on the lips, I will gym the mother out of me once I get back to the university. A promise.

Sin 1 – Chocolate Cake with Marshmallows and Honey

For my kiddie cousin!


Sin 2 – Creamy Penne Pasta with Kababs

Mom Dad could not stop praising which means it was honestly good!


Sin 3 – Baked Nachos with Mushroom, Baby Corn and Bell pepper

Tasted real good. Proud!

Sin 4 – Classic Roast Chicken 

I would be lying if I said I did not take Daddy’s help.


Sin 5 – The Ginger Tea with Cinnamon

Scores of these cups!


Sin 6 – Baked Cheesy Noodles with Mushrooms


My brother loved only the cheese part.

Sin 7 – Red Velvet Mug Cake

This was a very lazy, call for hunger.


Sin 8 – Vanilla Sponge Cake



How proudly rounded it turned out!

Sin 9 – Hot Chocolate Milk with Marshmallows

Another excuse for staying up late!

Being a firm believer of Science and biology specifically, I don’t think all of this food and more has turned into adipose deposit (fancier term for fat). I think it has made me a better person and this yearns me to spread happiness. I believe in Quality and not quantity and also in manipulating myself.

Yay to all the food, for the sinful soul. ❤


Shambhavi Sharma

15 thoughts on “Sins of winterfell

  1. At a point when m consoling my heart against the evil of mid-night munching I get a post like this :P…Mata rani paap lagayegi tumko …haha…just kiddin 😛
    I can’t remember any yummier post than this …kudos girl
    ‘Sins of winterfell’, I loved the title as well….now as Darshith got his parcel I dun think thr wud b anything left for me to dig in 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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