Sanity in Sweat.

Inspiring! Hear me Roar!

Not Quite A Cougar

I’d really let myself go.

Two months ago, I’d been in incredible shape. This was because I was going home for my 25 Year High School Reunion and also because my long-distance high school boyfriend was going to be staying with me in the hotel the whole time I was there.

I’ve literally never been so excited.

I am incredibly disciplined when I’m happy. During the weeks leading up to the trip, I would smugly post one word updates on Facebook like ‘SPINNING’ or ’30/60/90′ or ‘METCON3’ and regularly check myself into every Equinox across the city. I was eating better, exercising a ton and wearing the shit out of my skinny jeans.

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Musings. Part 2 – ‘I’ Speaks

I can respire, I can't breathe. I can walk, I can't move. The mirror screams its me. I don't see myself. What have I done to me? My elixir remains, Ensemble is gone. I laugh on the skin, Weep when privy. This trail should end. If I was I, It shan't have ocurred. If I … Continue reading Musings. Part 2 – ‘I’ Speaks