The 3 AM post, again

At times, a certain chord resonates with the deep seated memory in the folds of your cerebellum. The old thought protected by your gyri and sulci, layered and sheltered, feels like a new born memory.  And you think and overthink and deliberate over that dormant memory. You think you were over it. You thought you … Continue reading The 3 AM post, again

Musings. Part 2 – ‘I’ Speaks

I can respire, I can't breathe. I can walk, I can't move. The mirror screams its me. I don't see myself. What have I done to me? My elixir remains, Ensemble is gone. I laugh on the skin, Weep when privy. This trail should end. If I was I, It shan't have ocurred. If I … Continue reading Musings. Part 2 – ‘I’ Speaks